Everyday Houses Transform Into Beautiful Homes

I am often asked if it is hard to part from my paintings. The simple answer is no, I love it. 
In some ways it is a little sad, I do miss them , but nothing makes me happier then making other people happy through my art. That is why I do what I do. I love it that i can make a painting and it can make someone happy everyday. Every time they walk into their living room they are happier, and I feel lucky to have that opportunity.
  1. “I can’t imagine my home without this painting. It’s above my table, I see it every shabbos, every night, it’s part of our family now.”

“I can’t imagine my home without this painting. We love it so much! I see it everyday and it lifts my spirit every time!”

"Thank you so much! We are thrilled!"


"Devora did a magnificent job painting a piece to look exactly like I wanted! Or better! A Judaic look with a colorful artistic feel. Always love walking into my dining room and see it hanging adding so much to my home!"

-Yocheved Herzog, a happy art owner

"We commissioned a painting from Devora right when we moved into our new home. I gave Devora our color scheme to work with and what she produced was unbelievable. Our living room is transformed and we get pleasure every day from the piece. Devora was professional and wonderful to work with and we absolutely recommend her talented services to anyone!" 




"Oh my gosh I am obsessed! It's gorgeous!!!!"

-Mrs. Hecht


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